Do you want to offer your clients the highest-end albums? Do you want to offer the best? SWANYEE is only brand that can deliver truly luxurious, creative, durable, and customized books and albums according to your schedule. 

We don't just pay lip-service to a "hand-crafted" process -- our designers and binders have dedicated their lives to creating the best books and albums. And the quality of our products show it.  We have a flexible design process, accommodating of clients that prefer to be hands-on, hands-off, and everyone in between. 





We can handle printing. Supply us digital files and we can print gallery-quality photographs for mounting into our albums as you wish (the most elegant option), or we can print directly onto pages, accommodating any number of pages. One thing we will not print (though we will bind it) is board books, as we have issues with their quality (sorry).


The high prices demanded by cookie-cutter album producers, or layflat photobooks of cheap materials and construction are unjustafiable. We go through some of the problems with those mass-produced, allegedly "customized" products on our blog, Seeking Soignée: "Know what 'custom' really means" and "Wedding Album 101 - 'Handmade.'"