Books are our friends - Allen Press and more

It's always better to see books in person, but until then, this will have to do.

There is an auction coming up on June 30th of many fine press books by PBA Galleries. I don't know much about the Allen Press, and certainly can't speak on their reputation as a press -- but I can speak on their binding quality and design. Unfortunately, their publications seem to bound in the typical sytle of fine press printers --- BLAND. Here's what I would say is typical:

  • sections sewn over tapes
  • cloth cases
  • binding covered in plain cloth, maybe with a decorated paper
  • paper labels

However, I was pleased to see that some of their cloth bindings had some style! Here are some that are, yes, case bound, and yes, simply designed, and yes, paper labels, but the cloth patterns are non-traditional, eye-catching, and worthy of mention.

Here are the other binding highlights, from other presses: