Contemporary British Binders, Pt. 1: "Covered" Exhibition

Designer Bookbinders is a jolly good UK membership organization that promotes the good works of its members and the field more generally. They host - or help to support - events, exhibitions, competitions, publications, and more. Here are my favorite works from a small invite-only exhibition from 2013, "Covered: beauty and art in contemporary bookbinding" (click the link to see all the pieces from the exhibition). All images below from Designer Bookbinders.

Midori Kunikata-Cockram. The touches of patterned yellow and the variation of the gray texture stand out to me as the exceptional parts of this quietly macabre binding.

J. Brockman uses various types of metal leaf here to great effect. At least 3 types of gold, copper, and palladium or silver to reflect light beautifully. Blinged out and looking sharp. Brockman uses this effect quite often. 

Rachel Ward-Sale. The tooling may not be so crisp; and isn't the most decoratively interesting, but, eh, I'm just a sucker for white bindings and for lots of repetition and building-up of tooling.

Glenn Bartley. I'm not a fan of representative or figurative artwork on bindings but I think this one works pretty well. It's bloody and has a good spooky vibe but isn't as ridiculous or silly as some can figurative work can be. And of course here the execution and technique look very solid.

Jo Bird. The binding only works for me because of the tiny titles on the nicely blue spine and discreetly on the front cover. These excellent touches punch up a finely executed but otherwise pleasant but not-so-interesting design.

Mark Cockram's bindings are typically assemblage'd with spray-painted effects. In person, they can feel stiff, plastic-y, and overwrought, but they usually always look cool. The design here is mostly interesting but what stands out above all else is the fantastic inset piece of black and white rings on the spine!