Some fine details from Guild of Bookworkers (USA) exhibition "Vessel"

The only professional bookbinder's organization in the US is the Guild of Bookworkers. Every third year or so they organize a juried national exhibit that travels around. I saw the current exhibition recently at North Bennet Street School in Boston and here's some close-ups. I'm staying away from commentary on the designs but instead will focus on the details, the beautiful details!

Apologies because most of the photos aren't good -- it's not ideal to take photos from the phone and through acrylic cases. So if you'd like to see all the selections, in nice photos and with their artist statements, order the GBW catalog.  And for those in the Boston area, there's a free reception this Thursday, 7/21, at 6pm.

Colin Urbina. Teak wood veneer inlays looking sharp. My durn photograph is quite poor though!

Erin Fletcher.  Love the typeface (although it's built-up from hand tools), channeling a very french modern vibe. See much much much better photos of this piece on her website and her blog.

Brien Beidler. The blind impressions are just repeated patterns of the same 2 tools. Very consistent impressions and consistent color of impressions. Very nice! See better photo on Brien's website here.

Ethan Ensign. "Lap-back" binding. Have never seen one in person before. I like the board's texture here, and overall of course I like the white. Decent photo here.

Golly these photos of end caps / end bands / edges really suck.



Sorry, but it was the best I could do!